the missing link between multi-species full genome comparisons and functional analysis


MANTiS is an application system that: builds a relational database integrating, in a phylogenetic framework, all Ensembl genes, corresponding PANTHER molecular functions and biological processes, as well as GNF, e-genetics, and HMDEG expression data; makes extensively use of the Ensembl ortholog/paralog prediction pipeline for identifying gene duplication events; and implements a dynamical programming approach for the mapping of gene gains, duplications, and losses on the phylogenetic tree.

Through a user-friendly interface, MANTiS allows the user to identify

  1. 1.gains and losses on specific branches of the tree,

  2. 2.genome content of ancestral species,

  3. 3.statistically over- or under-represented molecular functions, biological processes and anatomical systems (expression data), and

  4. 4.tissue specificity of gained, duplicated, and lost genes. 

Finally, the entire set of information available in MANTiS can be exploited further using an advanced system of queries by which gene identity, mapping, and function parameters can be combined using logical operators.

Citing MANTiS

MANTiS: a phylogenetic framework for multi-species genome comparisons

Athanasia C. Tzika, Raphaël Helaers, Yves Van de Peer & Michel C. Milinkovitch

Bioinformatics 2008 24(2):151-157

MANTiS is no longer supported because most of its features have now been integrated into Ensembl ( Thanks for your visit!